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Leakage Protection Socket

Easy to install, daily electrical appliances can be directly installed, such as washing machines, hair dryers, pumping motors, floor waxing machines and other wet environments. Obtained Japanese and Taiwan standards and obtained patent certificates. For the embedded ASR socket, it is developed as a general-purpose leakage protection socket for various panels, which can be installed in various home styles (such as industrial style, Nordic style, etc.) or schools, sports fields, and outdoor courtyards to protect personnel from electric shock.

Discover high-quality surge protection sockets from a trusted manufacturer. Our reliable solutions ensure effective protection against electrical surges.

Surge protection sockets play a critical role in safeguarding electronic devices and equipment from damaging power surges. These specialized sockets are designed to divert excess voltage and protect sensitive devices from voltage spikes caused by lightning strikes, power fluctuations, or other electrical disturbances. By acting as a barrier between the electrical supply and connected devices, surge protection sockets help prevent costly damages and potential data loss. With their advanced surge protection technology, these sockets provide peace of mind, ensuring the longevity and reliable performance of electronic equipment. Whether used in homes, offices, or industrial settings, surge protection sockets are indispensable for maintaining the integrity and safety of electronic devices. Investing in surge protection sockets is a proactive measure to protect valuable equipment and ensure uninterrupted functionality, even in the face of unforeseen electrical surges.