About Us

About Us

Founded in January, 1987, Arlis Electric Products has been manufacturing circuit breakers with a history of pushing the boundaries of technology. At the initial stage, Arlis Electric Products specialized in making small-sized NoFuse breakers (NFB), then expanded the coverage manufacturing MCCB, ELCB and GFCI products, successfully landed clients from industries of housing, architecture, foundation engineering, public construction, home electronics, information technology and integrated power switch.
We provide updated solutions that comply with regulations to our clients. From home appliances to industrialization techniques, Arlis Electric Products gained trust and confidence from clients in various countries with continuously enhancing facilities and talents, in order to provide solid one-stop solutions including research & development, designing, manufacturing, marketing and customer services.

Our Competitive Advantages

一、Research & Development Techniques
According to different certificates regulations and environments applicability, we provide complete solutions along with product catering to clients’ needs to strengthen their confidence and satisfaction. Through the development of customized solutions, our product line has also been effectively expanded.  

二、Human Resources Management
Our human resource department offers comprehensive plans to implement recruiting, hiring, training, evaluation, salary and pension management. Besides, with strategic work division planning for each department, we effectively help employees develop potentials and work with high efficiency.  

三、Production Management
Our methodology to design and allocate factories spaces is based on ISO9001 Certification and analysis of actual production & storage costs, production procedures and effectiveness. The design is fully efficiency-oriented. With well-managed components distribution channels, for the order that requires flexibility and speedy implementation, we work with our long-term collaborating partners to precisely meet customers’ demands and reach predetermined volumes.  

四、Quality Management
We strictly comply with ISO9001 Quality Management System and pursue sustainable innovations, flawless quality and clients’ trust unreservedly.  

五、Marketing Management
We take teams to fields through branch offices operations in order to collect real-time information and requirements from our clients, and provide prompt solutions. In addition to Taiwan market, we have invested much marketing resources to establish and expand overseas clientele. As the results of the effort, we have obtained positive feedbacks from clients both from Taiwan and from other countries.  

Our Vision

For years, Arlis Electric Products has established long-term mutual beneficial relationships with many electrical system solutions companies from Taiwan and overseas. As a professional manufacturer and solutions provider located in Taiwan, with an agile, sustainable and reliable culture, we will keep stretching excellence, creating preeminent performances and fulfilling our missions of corporate social responsibilities.