ground protection type eg (eg series)

ground protection type eg (eg series)

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EG series Leakage circuit breakers - RCCB

 框架容量AF A 30 50 50
 型式 Type   EG30 EG50 EG3P
 極數 Poles P 2 3
 相線式 Φ.W   1Φ2W 1Φ2W、1Φ3W、3Φ3W、
 額定電壓 Ue VAC 110/220 220/380
 額定電流 In A 10、20、30 15、20、30、40、50 15、20、30、40、50
 額定靈敏度電流 I△n mA 30、100、200、300 30 30
 不動作電流 I△no mA 1/2 I△n
 動作時間 Trip time   0.1 秒以內 within 0.1 second
 額定短時間電流 kA 1.5 2.5

 尺寸 (mm)

a 68 90
b 70 80
c 40
d 60 54
aa 35 55
bb 60 72
 重量 Wt. g 150 170 280


The EG Series models are available in different frame capacities to suit specific requirements. The EG30 model has a frame capacity of 30A, while the EG50 model has a frame capacity of 50A. Additionally, the EG3P model is designed with 3 poles, offering enhanced protection in three-phase electrical systems.

These Leakage Circuit Breakers are suitable for both single-phase 2-wire systems (Φ.W) and three-phase systems (1Φ2W, 1Φ3W, and 3Φ3W). This versatility allows for their integration into a wide range of electrical setups.

The EG Series models have a rated voltage (Ue) of 110/220V for EG30 and EG50, and 220/380V for EG3P. This ensures compatibility with different electrical systems and provides reliable ground protection across various voltage levels.

With a range of rated currents (In) available, including options such as 10A, 20A, 30A, 40A, and 50A, the EG Series models offer flexibility to meet various load requirements. This enables precise ground fault protection for different electrical circuits.

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