100 type overload with leakage protection (1033 series)

100 type overload with leakage protection (1033 series)

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AE1033 series Leakage,overload,short circuit breaker - RCBO

 框架容量AF A 100
 型式 Type   AE1033 AE1033HN* AE1033A* AE1033S AE1034
 極數 Poles P 2.3 4
 相線式 Φ.W   1Φ2W. 1Φ3W. 3Φ3W 3Φ4W
 額定電壓 Ue VAC 220 220~440
 額定電流 In A 15,20,30,40,50,60,75,100

 CNS 5422

220V 15 25 25
380V - 15
440V - 10
 額定靈敏度電流 I△n mA 30 100,200,500
可調 aajustable
30 100,200,500
可調 aajustable
 不動作電流 I△no mA 15 1/2 I△n 15 1/2 I△n
 動作時間 Trip time   0.1秒以內 within 0.1 second
 跳脫方式 Tripping   完全電磁式 magnetic
 尺寸 (mm)
a 75 100
b 156 156
c 65 65
d 82 82
aa 25 50
bb 133 133
 重量 Wt. kg 0.8 1.1

 * CE weight,approved


The AE1033 series is a versatile Leakage, Overload, Short Circuit Breaker (RCBO) with a framework capacity of 100A. It consists of several models with different specifications to suit a range of electrical circuit needs.

The AE1033 and AE1033S models are 2.3P and 4P circuit breakers, respectively, supporting different connection types and rated voltages. The AE1033HN* model has a higher rated breaking capacity of 25kA at 220V, making it suitable for circuits with higher loads. The AE1033A* model supports a wider voltage range and has an adjustable rated sensitivity current.

All models have a tripping mechanism that is magnetic, and their dimensions and weights vary slightly. The AE1033 series is designed to provide reliable protection against leakage, overload, and short circuits, with a tripping time of within 0.1 seconds. With its range of models and specifications, the AE1033 series is a reliable choice for a variety of electrical circuit applications.

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